Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric Surgery

Children suffering from various diseases, illnesses and related injuries may require a surgical procedure that is treated with the help of top pediatric surgeons in Bangalore at QMCH. We have the finest team of doctors and medical professionals with an ample amount of surgical experience and qualifications to treat and operate your child.

QMCH is one of the best paediatric surgery hospitals in Bangalore that provides the best pediatric surgery services. We have a set of qualified doctors who specialise in the field of paediatrics. Our team has years of experience and specialises in treatments for children. We chose a special devised plan for every child to cope with the problems and diagnosis.

Our team can aid and resolve various children’s issues with the help of surgical methods like:

The surgery to operate on the groin’s abnormalities in childhood and adolescence. These include undescended testes, hernias, hydroceles and varicoceles.

Birth defects can be treated with the help of pediatric surgical means.
Serious injuries like liver lacerations, knife wounds, or gunshot wounds can be treated.
Tumours can be treated.
Transplantation operations.
Endoscopic procedures.
All other surgical procedures for children.

Our team of doctors know how to tactfully handle children and treat their condition in the most caring way. We will help them relax and feel comfortable. Doctors at QMCH Pediatric Surgery Hospitals listen to each and everything of your child that can help them in diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our team is well-equipped not only with friendly staff and medical devices but also with the children’s comforting needs including toys, reading material and videos.

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