An orthopedic specialist deals with more than the bones in your body. An orthopedic surgeon specializes in treating conditions of the musculoskeletal system, including degenerative diseases, trauma, sports injuries, and tumours. QMCH comprehensive team of orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic physicians are geared up to handle the toughest of bone and spine related disorders with the right approach to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. As one of the most sought after centres in the nation and internationally for patients suffering from all types of musculoskeletal conditions, QMCH orthopaedics department combines extensive expertise with cutting-edge technology.

QMCH offers interdisciplinary solutions for a full spectrum of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. State-of-the-art trauma & accident surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, joint replacements, limb deformity correction, reconstruction ortho oncology, hand, wrist, and paediatric ortho care. The scope of the Orthopaedics Department at QMCH includes both general and surgical treatments. Our general orthopaedic services encompass Shoulder, Knee, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Paediatrics, Joint Replacement Surgery, Physiotherapy, and Total Hip Replacement. The scope of our surgery includes Arthroplasty, Ortho biologics, Cartilage regeneration and joint preservation procedures, Fracture surgeries, including complex articular reconstructions, and Salvage procedures for neglected trauma.

We offer subspecialty surgeries to treat developmental and congenital disorders in children, limb preservation, cancer reconstruction, hand and wrist disorders, and as many minimally invasive procedures as possible to reduce painful recovery. In order to help patients recover from surgery more quickly, the medical, surgical, and nursing departments provide pre and post-surgical assistance. The quality of life can be negatively impacted by orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, ligament tears, and cubital tunnel syndrome. As well as providing high-quality care for a long time and building long-term relationships with its patients, QMCH focuses on building lasting relationships with them.

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