Dietetics & Nutrition

Dietetics & Nutrition

Diseases and illnesses related to the heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidney, or any other main organ require a proper diagnosis and treatment plan to treat the patient.

Every treatment plan includes a separate section for health care. Healthcare encompasses proper diet and nutrition in accordance with the type of disease or illness. The department of Dietetics & Nutrition at QMCH caters to patients’ needs in maintaining optimal health post chronic or acute diseases.

We take pride in the comprehensive services provided by the team of professionals at QMCH Department of Dietetics & Nutrition. Our team of dietitian and nutritionist assess all the physical requirements of the patients based on the preliminary and secondary diagnosis. The nutrition intake and overall health of the individual are the top priority at QMCH. Our nutrition & dietary department in the hospital works extensively towards the same and provides the best to the patients.

We make individualized plans and food charts for all the patients. Depending upon the treatment plan, our doctors work closely with the doctors of other departments of the medical concern. We aim to serve and cater to the health, well-being, and thorough care of the patient.

A private and confidential setting opts for every patient who can openly discuss their needs and demands on a diet. We will ensure that our patients receive the best possible food plans and dietary services in hospital.

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